Beating the pandemic comfort zone

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What can we do to beat the pandemic laziness?

Contrary to the daily living routine before a pandemic, we have just suffered through a tough time that started in March of 2020 and lasted almost a year. What does this mean? Well, unfortunately, it meant many people got sick, died, some recovered, some lost their jobs, some worked from home, some worked under the radar to survive, and meanwhile many gained about, let’s say,  ten, fifteen, twenty to perhaps even 30 pounds.   

There was a mandate to stay home, social distance from one to the other, and perhaps do a whole lot of not much, right? Many of us ate more, cooked more, splurged, ordered take out, learned how to cook, and well, we got kind of big around the edges. Okay, basically, I speak for myself, I got kind of fat. Who else? Anyhow, it’s almost April of 2021 and we can’t use the pandemic as an excuse anymore to just do nothing, right? However, we got too comfortable. So how do we kick back how we used to be active or how do we start having an active life? There are many things we can actually. Firstly, if you’re reading this blog, then you are lucky you are making it through this current pandemic. You are still alive, and like myself, I hope that you are feeling grateful that you are either recovering from a harsh economic year, or perhaps you had covid and you recovered where others did not, and lastly, you just don’t fit into your pants anymore. Ay ya yai!! 

This is how you can start little by little. Take notes or just come back to this blog. I’ll keep it up on this website for as long as I can, okay?


  • Walk walk walk (I remember that we were always allowed to go outside). Create an amazing playlist that lasts for an hour and enjoy a walk while your playlist keeps playing one song after the other. If you are a working machine and feel like you don’t have time. Bad news for you, you’ll have to make time. Yes, you’ll be extremely tired. However, at the least walking thirty minutes, a day will actually help you be not so tired. If you can figure out how to eat at your desk, and go walking during your lunch, then you’ve just killed two birds with one stone. If that’s impossible, then walk before going to work or after. Nobody died from just walking. 
  • Do yoga for fifteen to twenty minutes four times out of the week. Sometimes when our careers are very hectic, yoga can help relieve stress while at the same time condition and lengthen the whole body, and it’s low-impact, so it’s safe for the joints.
  • Spring is here and it’s starting to get warm. Before you know it, it’ll be summer. Why not go swimming for fun. Let me tell you, all these workouts and formats I teach and perform myself, are nothing compared to swimming. Swimming is a different animal. It’s a great workout. Go have fun and take a swim. 
  • Wear a smartwatch like an apple watch, a Polaris, or a Fitbit, and count your steps. Make it a goal to make sure you get from 10k to 15k steps a day. Heck, if you can do more, for 20k or 25k.
  • Have a fitness mat next to your bed open and ready for you to go straight to it. Do this in your pajamas, who cares. Either do bicycle crunches, planks, yoga, mat pilates upon waking up to get it out of the way. Do twenty minutes. If you’re too tired, then do fifteen to ten minutes. Something is better than nothing. 
  • Plan your meals. Trust me, I understand you may find this a hassle. However, planning your meals assures you that you won’t grad anything out there to eat that may not be healthy nor good for you. Have your food ready so that your food is the only thing you’ll eat. 
  • Schedule your day so that you can hold yourself accountable. If you plan your workout time whether it be at home, at the gym, outdoors, or with a friend, or even alone, if it’s in your schedule, you’re most likely to do it. Make it a part of your ‘List of Things To Do’.

~ Personal Trainer Rocio Ponce(

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