Meal & Workout Plans

Everything is customizable to your profile & all ingredients are measured for you so you won’t have to ever wonder.
All Macronutrients are balanced for you.

– Initial consultation
– Detailed meal plan with revisions
– Detailed weight training and cardio program with revisions
– Intense strength training and conditioning routines
– 24/7 e-mail and text support
– Weekly check-ins
– Weekly phone to go over progress (Skype or WhatsApp for international clients)
– Frequent Diet and training updates and revisions
– Supplementation guidance













Cancellation Rules & Polices

Physical Condition of Client

The client represents, warrants, and agrees that the client is in good physical condition and that the client has no disability, impairment, or ailment that will prevent the client from engaging in active or passive exercise or that should be detrimental to the client’s health, safety, comfort, or physical condition should the client engage in active or passive exercise. 

The client acknowledges that the trainer has neither made claims as to medical results nor suggested medical treatment to the client. The client acknowledges that the trainer recommended that the client consult a physician prior to beginning this exercise program. 

The client understands that it is the client’s responsibility to inform the trainer of any pain experienced before, during or after participating in the exercise program so that the exercise may be immediately terminated.

Payment & Cancellation Policy

You will be charged for the full cost for the session that are not rescheduled or cancelled 24 hours in advance or for no-show appointments.

Clients arriving late will receive the remaining scheduled session time, unless other arrangements have been previously made with the trainer.

Sessions for packages purchased must be used within 30 days from the date of the purchase unless other arrangements have been made previously with the trainer.  All unused sessions are void after this time period.

Sessions not used within the week do not transfer to the following week or cannot be made up the following week; if rescheduling is necessary for a private training session, as long as it is done with a 24-hour notice or more, the session can be made up within the same week, but cannot be made up the following week. 

If a member has no session inventory, charges for late cancellations or no show appointments for sessions will be charged to the member’s credit card on file. In addition, charges for sessions which are used by a member but not otherwise paid for will be charged to the member’s credit card on the day the session is used. 

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