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We all crave sugar. And sometimes every day, right? We actually need sugar in our bodies to function. Sugar is not bad for our bodies. We just need to control our sugar intake. Fruits and organic milk have sugar in them. However, if we add more than what is recommended, then that’s when it becomes bad for you. The body does not recognize the type of sugar you put in it, but if you eat more than what is recommended, then that’s when the lbs start piling up. You heard it. Fat starts to set camp in places in your body you may or may not agree with. And too much sugar can cause diseases like Diabetes. We all desire sugary treats sometimes, but it’s recommended to change and reduce the intake of sugar.

There are a few important things you’ll notice when you cut back on that sugar.  The very obvious one is your level of energy. We all know that when we drink coffee, we get a caffeine rush, but then it turns into a sugar crash. That’s why those that put too much sugar in their coffee feel tired and go through that afternoon crash. Sugar consumed in this manner, too much of it, blocks your body’s ability to keep your energy stores at maximum levels. Our bodies do not need additional sugar (i.e. from coffee or energy drinks. Our bodies already come with high energy levels. 

The other change you will see is weight stability. Most sugars coming from foods have high fat and carb sugars. When we eat these types of foods, guess what happens? We start craving more of these foods. And before you know it, our pants start fitting real right. And cutting back on sugar will also help you with fat loss. 

Another change you may see when you cut back on sugar is that your intestines will readjust back to normal. Too much sugar blocks the digestion process, making it hard for the body to break down foods. So the smoother your bowel movement is, the better because then you know your digestion process is running steady.

Lastly, one more amazing change you’ll see when you cut back on sugar, is that your skin will look that much healthier. Sugar tends to age one faster. However, once you cut back on too much sugar, you’ll notice a healthy glow in your skin. You can definitely have one fruit a day, but that’s it. Remember! The body does not recognize what types of sugars you eat, it only recognizes if you went over your intake. Give yourself at least three weeks to cut back on too much sugar, and your body will adjust easily. You will feel different, and you will feel great. 

~ Personal Trainer

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